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Some more Creative works by my little Inspirational Sisters…

Greetings to my fellow readers!!!

How are you ? I think and I  pray for all my readers to be fine and happy and stay creative for the whole life.

Today I don’t have enough to say about the tips and tricks for make up your mind and to be creative but today I am going to show you some of the new works of the little sisters(my inspiration to this blog).

Yes some of you might be thinking how can I get an inspiration from a 9 and a 6 years old girl, but I want to tell you that Ideas would come at anytime and inspiration can be taken from anything and from anyone around you and I have taken mine from the work of these little sisters and I had told everything about them in My first Blog Post. You should check it, it might give you smile upon seeing the creative works of the girls.

So, below are some new works of those girls.. Enjoy it and like it if you truly love it…

A girl playing around a tree and leaves are falling…..
3-D model of a house…


And some of the previous works of those girls are also shown below….

I hope you like it …

Thanks and

Be Creative… Be Alive…

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Don’t Fear Failures… In Great Attempts It Is Glorious Even To Fail… – Bruce Lee

Don’t Fear Failures.. In Great Attempts It is Glorious even to Fail.. 

Greetings to my fellow readers!!! First of all I would like to apologize for posting this post very late after my last post. Actually I got stuck in something…….. ..SORRY…. NO EXCUSES.

I would say that I got stuck in  something and so that it would cover up my activity of being late to my posts. But instead of giving fake excuses and wandering about the past I would like to say Truth and the truth is that I am late and I will try  my best that  I won’t do it again. That is called Commitment. And I want all of you to commit to something in your life because without this you are not going to get what you truly want in your life.

So, today I am going to talk about Fears about Failures, that each and every one of us have while we are going to try something new.

  • We Feared that What happen if I had started the new thing and it’s not become successful?
  • What happens if luck is not my our side?
  • What other people think and say about me while I am working on that new thing or trying something new?
  • What happens if I end up wasting a lots of time on this?

So, these are some of the WHATs that you think when you are going to start something new, something special that you love, something you like and you are not doing it because of some of these WHATs which I have stated above.

And the solution to all these WHATs lies in a single word and that word is WHY are you going to do this thing.

Let’s us take all the above questions having What as the most fearing part and try to find out the solution by using simple and smiling WHY.

  1. The fear of failure that comes in our mind that whether I am going to become successful while doing this thing or not vanish the moment you understand Why are you doing this thing, that  Whether you doing it for money?,  or Were you doing it for the other people’s sake?,or Were you doing it for just because someone is doing it so you also have to do it? OR Were you doing it because you love to do it, because you find happiness and peace while doing it, because always wanted to do it. So, Do the things because you wanted to do it and you will be happy doing that and don’t think about whether you become successful or not because when you are doing what you love and it gives you happiness, you are already on the road to success.     a       
  2. You were thinking that whether luck is on your side or not while doing this thing.Let me tell you one thing that when you choose to start a new thing it might be the case that you didn’t get it the first time and also the second time and also maybe in the third tries and now with only these three attempts we all think that we are not lucky enough to get the thing but we should quit tying this thing  and the moment you think of quitting, you will never get it. And if Edison would have same mentality about luck and quit when he failed several times, he would have never been invented the Light Bulb because he has tasted failure not less than 10,000 times and then only he would be able to invent a light bulb. So, don’t let your mind think about these superstitious things like LUCK because LUCK can be overpowered by two things that is PRACTICE and your love and interest for that thing.                           thomas-edison-quotes-0-600x3381
  3. The fear of society and people around us force us to make some unbelievable and some of the worst decisions we take for ourselves.  We all have thinks more about the people around us rather than take time to think about our well-being. People will always have something to say about everything related to us, they won’t stop giving your unwanted advice but you can choose what to listen and what not to and don’t let anybody manipulate you while you were trying to the thing. Most of the people were afraid of the new things and that is why they also don’t want to try them and also criticize the one who is trying something new. So, Listen to your heart and don’t let anybody manipulate your inner voice.

    You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.     – Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) American writer.

  4. Time waits for no one and the truth is no one in this world can control it, but we can manage it. We had spent all our childhood in school mugging books so that we got good grades, spend all our college days studying to secure our future and once we get a decent job we want to settle with a beautiful wife and children and we had spent our whole life living for others, listening to others and at the end we apologize when these beautiful moments of life were gone and we were saying that I wish if I had done this thing or that thing in my college days or school days. So, live a life doing things that makes you happy and gives you peace and when you got these two things while doing something you don’t have to worry about the time because you have already created a beautiful storage o f memories that will embrace your life with happiness today and in later years.                                                                                     b3f3dcc85badb0954fe7a2f1af52a1d7

So, these are some of the quick solutions to your questions that comes up in your mind when you want to start a new project,  trying for a new and different thing.


And at last I would like to say only thing that is Listen to your heart and do what you love and in which you have interest. Because wherever there is interest and love towards the work, there is Creativity.

Thank you and

Be Creative… Be Alive…

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 !!!!!!

A very Happy New Year 2017 to my fellow reader. Today we had left the year 2016 behind and from today we are going to enjoy the upcoming new things waiting for us in 2017.

Today I am going to tell you one of the most important things that helps you increase your creativity and uplift your brain thinking power is that You should surround yourself with a bunch of creative people which is one of the points of my previous post of How to Stay Creative and whenever you got time,get in touch with these people because these people will always support you and uplift you.

And from today you should leave all your grudges and all unwanted things behind and from now on, be a mind free person and if you have some grudges with someone, you should forgive him because Forgiveness is the most beautiful thing that you can give to the one you have grudges with, and always be positive about the future, no matter how bad the last year was, stay positive and believe in yourself and you will have a great future ahead.

Leave the bad things of 2016 behind and get on the beautiful ride of 2017. A Creator don’t waste time thinking about the critics and unwanted things instead he uses that time in creating things that will change the world and inspire others.

With this quote I wish that you will create more innovative things and once again I wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!

One day the people who didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.         – Johnny Depp (Hollywood’s Famous  Actor)

Thank you and

Be Creative… Be Alive…





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10 Best Ways To Stay Creative

Best Ways to Stay Creative In Your Life

Tired of being doing the same old things over and over again?? Tired of your daily routine?? Feeling bored and sleepy while working??

If for any of the above questions your answer is Yes then you are suffering from  problem of being indulged in the things you don’t like or love. This above line means that you are doing a lots of things in your entire day but that work is done by you in way like it has been imposed on your shoulders and it has to be completed whether you like working on it or not.

The solution to this problem is that you should start doing something daily in your life that you love or like and you always wanted to this thing from your childhood. Some of you might think that how would I start something different when I don’t have time for finish my daily things. So if some of you thinks like that then I will tell you one great thing that YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND TIME TO DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE IF YOU ARE CRAZY AND DEVOTED ENOUGH TO START A CREATIVE THING.

And one important thing which most of us think, is very rare to find in humans that is Creativity is not a born quality. Creativity can be achieved by doing some things that broadens your mind and whenever you indulged in these things you doesn’t feel sad or bad because these things were not imposed on your shoulders, in fact you yourself started doing these things and when we start something our self we doesn’t feel bored or sleepy.

So, here are the 10 things that you should do daily to stay creative and give your life more options to be happy.

1. Try Free Writing

Try free writing that is whatever comes in your mind just write it. Sometimes we get great ideas by just writing freely. This practice of free writing will increase your creative skills and should be done early in the morning because Brilliant ideas, best solutions to the last night problems comes early in the morning.

2. Always keep a writing Journal or a small diary with you

You should keep something in which you can write upon the fresh ideas that strikes in your mind, because sometimes brilliant ideas comes while we were just relaxing or walking or doing something. So, whenever an idea comes in you mind just write it in your diary or smart phone or anything you have before it fades so that you can catch up with that idea later.

3. Make Lists

Making lists is an important ways to get new things out of your mind. It’s like making lists of things you are going to do, or making a list for buying something, or any list you have made. By making lists your sub conscious mind searches for other things related to the things you have written in your list and make you write those things. So, just start making a list and ideas will come automatically.

4. Get Away from your Computer, Take a Walk

Getting away from your computer here doesn’t means that you don’t have to use the computer again in your life , but here it means that take a break from just staring at computer screens because watching screen for the whole day not only makes you feel strain and heaviness in your brain but also not good for your eyes. So, step away from the computer and take a Walk instead. Walking will not only improve your health but also makes you think better. You might heard of Sherlock Holmes (the fictional character),

Sherlock Holmes always tends to find solutions to its various detective cases by walking. Whenever he finds himself in a difficult situation, he get up from his chair and take a long walk and THINKS WHILE WALKING.

5. Surround Yourself with Creative People

:Always keep yourself surround with Creative people. This is also one of the best ways to stay creative. You should choose your friends that are open-minded and always think outside the box because our surroundings affects the most. So, meet your friends often , talk them about your projects, your ideas and listen to them. One of the great saying that supports this point is,

Friendship of the wise is good, a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend       – Rumi

6. Take Breaks, Listen to New Music

When you have come from the office or school or college you were feeling tired and the moment you enter your house you again started what you have done in the college or office whether it is an assignment or some sort of office work and this thing goes on and on and on. You will not become satisfied and happy unless you find time for yourself and start caring for yourself, appreciate your own work. So, you should find some time for yourself, at least start from 10 minutes a day, take breaks and in that break you can either listen to new music or just fresh your mind with something else other than the things you regularly do.

7. Take Risks, Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes & Get Feedback

The biggest risk is not taking any risk…..In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.  –  Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook)

These are the words of Mark Zuckerberg who has created world’s best social networking website. If he hadn’t taken the risk and didn’t makes mistakes he might not have been able to make the world’s best and most widely used social networking website.

So, When we start something, we shouldn’t think about the failures and don’t be afraid of making mistakes because we learn from our mistakes and these things gives us experience and makes us stronger. And each time we got the better thing from the previous one.

And once you have created something or had an idea about something share it with your friends, colleagues and family members because feedback is also an important aspect that helps in making a great thing.

8. Don’t lose hope

Losing hope is like losing your life. You should never lose hope just because didn’t get it the first time or the second. Practice, Practice and Practice, and you will succeed at last. Even the great scientists didn’t get the world-changing thing the first time. Even Thomas Edison didn’t created the bulb the first time. It took him around 100 failures to make a light bulb that we are using right now. So, never lose hope

9. Count Your Blessings

We should also count our blessings which God Almighty has given us. We should appreciate all the things we have and don’t compare with others, whether he is having better job, better car, better apartment and all. These things not only let us down morally but also sometimes we overthink these things and make our self sad and unhappy.

So, it’s better not to think about others and count all the blessings that God has given to us because there are some other people also who are very poor,who didn’t even manage to eat two times a day or didn’t even earn much to send their child school

10. At Least Finish Something Daily

As you have the writing pad and any diary with you, prepare your daily tasks you have to do and should complete a task daily (whether it is a small one or a big one) so that at night when you thinks about all your daily activities, you feels good because accomplishing something gives us confidence and prepares us for future tasks and we automatically perform better in future tasks.

And with this last point, I am also finished my today’s task.

Thank you…..and

Be Creative….. Be Alive!!!

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My first Blog Post

This is my first post for this blog and can’t start writing this post without mentioning the things or I should have said the two little sisters from where I have got the inspiration to start this blog.

One day I was at my cousin’s place just laying down on the couch and staring at the Gorilla glass of my smartphone. I was feeling bored and some heaviness in my head by staring at this heavy glass.I was playing or texting or just doing just anything on my phone and then there came two little girls one around 6 years old and the other around 8, with a something in their hands. I didn’t recognize those girls as I am seeing them for the first time. Then my cousin sister told me about those girls that those two girls were the relatives of hers and lives nearby and whenever they create something or I would say anything, both of them came to my cousin’s place and shows it to her. And now I understand what was in the hands of those girls. Below I am sharing the images of the most beautiful thing I had ever seen that has created by two little girls and suddenly all my headache and heaviness was gone and I was excited and immersed deeply in what these girls have created.

Yes, these are the images of the creation of those two girls.

As you can see these are the 3d model of a classroom where a teacher is trying to teach something to the students. I was very much shocked and feel excited by seeing the fine details that has been put in the model like the teacher is having a stick and even a book in her hands and on the desks of the students there is a book lying and there is even written something in those books. All students were having different hairstyles, different clothes and all of them were sitting just as they were listening attentively to the teacher. I like it!!!!

And then I can’t resist my self to ask how they have created these characters and then the elder one told told me everything about how first they have created everything on their drawing  book, color them and then after cutting the characters and all desks and blackboard, stick them the board in a very good manner that looks very attractive.

Some of you might have have been thinking about how this little creation leads me the creation of an entire blog related to creativity? and I would give you the answer that small Creation like these will lead to Innovation someday and when that happen it will have the power to change the world.

So, this Blog is all about Creativity and Creative ideas. Here you will find the creation of a small girl and even the creation of 65 year old grandfather, creation of a shopkeeper and even the creation of a Businessman. Find Happiness in small things around you and you will get real happiness when you start doing things that you love or like, that you always wanted to do in your life but couldn’t do because of some reasons like not having enough time to draw, or write a story or anything you like or you had done in your childhood.

So, I recommend all my readers to manage time so that you will get time to do what you like and love because it not only gives happiness to your inner self but also gives happiness to the peoples around you and I have learnt this lesson from those little sisters and then after creating anything share with us and let the whole world see it.It might give inspiration to someone you don’t know.

At last I would like to say only one thing that….. BE CREATIVE…… BE ALIVE……..

Thank you