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From Curiosity to Creativity

Hey Guys !! This is your host Brian here. I am doing fine and hope all of you are doing not just fine but good. Now let’s come to the topic for today that is From Curiosity to Creativity. To better understand the whole thing first we have to know the meaning of the two great C’s. The first one is Curiosity and the meaning of this word is (according to google ) is eager to learn something. This is the meaning of that word and that is correct and now I will tell you in what is the definition of the word Curiosity. Actually Curiosity is something like a feeling that comes to a person when he saw something new which he or she had never seen or heard before and then he wants to know everything about it. The Creativity is made up by the word create and when you create something new or in my words different we call it Creativity. Let’s take an example of a painting. Painting is not a new thing, everybody knows about it and most of us know how to make a painting but what is the difference between our paintings and the paintings which you would see in museums and gallery and all. The one and foremost difference is that the painter of that painting which is hanging on the museums or won the title of world’s best painthg is that he has done it differently. He had done something different with the painting which might be new or not but it attracts people and has a meaning behind it First create a curious mind to learn and to know about everything and when he wants to know everything about something, then comes the actual meaning of our second word that is Creativity that is once he knows everything about a particular thing than only he can imagine and create something new that is somehow related to the thing he is curious to learn and is learning about it for sometime. This is just like a feeling that a small child would have, just a born baby and at that time everything he see and hear is new and the baby wants to know that thing and tries to remember it and the next time he saw that thing he immediately recognize that thing and when he grows up he began to learn by watching and hearing new things and someday maybe he got attracted towards something like music and now he wants to know everything about it . He spends most of it’s time on listening the music and reading about the musicians. Then he brought some instrument and started to play it and play the music of his favourite musician and after some days or months he become proficient in that instrument and then then an idea came to his mind to create a music track of his own and he started working on it day and night. There might be some failures in the starting but at the end he ends up with something new and different and that is my friends is the most blissful moment of his life. So. Try to have a curious mind for everything because it will lead to Creativity. Thank you Be Creative !!! Be Alive!!!



I am just a regular guy who goes to college, plays games, watch movies and do anything such as drawing, free writing, sketching and much more in my leisure time.

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