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Creative Things To Do When You Are Free Or Feeling Bored

A beautiful Sunday night to my fellow readers.

Today is the most tiring day of my schedule but as soon as I reached my apartment and takes rest for sometime I started to feel a little bit bore and as it is a weekend night and as Sunday ahead I don’t have to plan anything for the next day. So to get away with this boredom I had stared to some old pictures of mine and my family members, and after that I was just surfing the internet and checking some videos on youtube and then I have found a really great video by girl name Mako and really appreciate her work and let’s see what she has for us.

1. Doodling

Doodling refers to the art in which you don;t need much of the stationary. What you need is a pen and a paper and now you are free to do anything with the pen. You can draw lines, circles, polygons, anything and the lines and other shapes can overlap the other shapes and that’s the beauty of it that there are no rules for you to guide how to draw the lines and all. You are free to do the things and the whole process is truly interesting and makes your mind free and its one of the best thing you can do when feeling bored.

2. Hand Lettering

Hand lettering, as the name is saying all about it is the art of hand writing. You take out your pen, your brush or anything and just start writing using some of the different fonts types. You can create Quote posters and other things by doing Hand Lettering.

3. Plastic Bag Printing

I must say you should have seen some great painter’s paintings in which the color is going here and there with no order and the painting is not painted with the brush and people are  looking at them like these paintings talks to them and there is really a meaning behind that painting and we called that painting an Abstract Painting. So you can create your own version of Abstract Painting and show it to your friends and family. It’s really cool and fun to play and experiment with different colors.

4. Dot Printing

Dot Printing or Dot Painting is the type of painting where you only draw Dots on the paper and not any other shapes in some pattern and with different colors that would make it attractive to look and here again you can experiment with colors and create different dots of different shapes and of different colors. This is also a very good thing to do when you are feeling bored.

So, these are some of the creative things you can do when you are free or feeling bored. These things won’t require any extra materials that you have to buy from the market. you can get all what you want in your home and all you need is your creativity let you drive through the process and at the end of the process you will definitely get a wonderful thing in your hands. And make sure that you enjoy the process of creating something because that’s the main motive behind this.

So, that’s it for today and once again i would like to say thanks to Mako for this wonderful video.

I hope you like it. Till then Good bye and

Be Creative… Be Alive…



I am just a regular guy who goes to college, plays games, watch movies and do anything such as drawing, free writing, sketching and much more in my leisure time.

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