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You haven’t seen these Amazing Paper-Work Creations

Greetings!!!  to my fellow readers.

I hope that all of you are doing fine and make yourself busy in creating some new things.

First of all I would like to tell you about the line that “EVERY CHILD IS AN ARTIST” BY PABLO PICASSO. Pablo was one the most talented painter of his time and by this quote he wants to tells us that within every child there is a hidden artist resides in it and we only have to support and motivate the little child so that this artist would come out and one day creates something that the world had not seen yet.
Today I am going to show you some of the new and really amazing works of my inspirational sisters. This time both of them had done a really great job and you also won’t go back to other post without appreciating the work they had done.

A tired girl, but still reading….
A tired girl.. but still studying…
A Girl Rock band
Superstar Girls

So, this is actually a very  good and  wonderful use of paper. Some people writes a story on paper, some peoples draws a story on paper while some make use of paper not to write or draw but to create a story and then no one has to read it or have to understand it by seeing the drawing but he can understand the whole story just by seeing the model that tells the story by itself and the same thing is done by my little sisters (my inspirational sisters).

My little sisters creates a band of girls, they play instruments and sing songs that is these girls are superstars but these girls not only play the instruments or sing but this model of rock band shows that they are independent and have their identity of their own and that the most important point that a person should understand that it doesn’t matter from what background you came or who you are, what matters the most for becoming a successful person is that whether you are doing what you love or not and if you keep doing what you love and that interests you, one day you will surely earn a name of your own.

The last image shows a band of Superstars created by the little girls. in my opinion real superstars are not the girls that are in this band but the real superstars are the girls who have created this band.

I think that’s it for today….

thank you and till then

Be Creative… Be Alive…



I am just a regular guy who goes to college, plays games, watch movies and do anything such as drawing, free writing, sketching and much more in my leisure time.

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