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Don’t Fear Failures… In Great Attempts It Is Glorious Even To Fail… – Bruce Lee

Don’t Fear Failures.. In Great Attempts It is Glorious even to Fail.. 

Greetings to my fellow readers!!! First of all I would like to apologize for posting this post very late after my last post. Actually I got stuck in something…….. ..SORRY…. NO EXCUSES.

I would say that I got stuck in  something and so that it would cover up my activity of being late to my posts. But instead of giving fake excuses and wandering about the past I would like to say Truth and the truth is that I am late and I will try  my best that  I won’t do it again. That is called Commitment. And I want all of you to commit to something in your life because without this you are not going to get what you truly want in your life.

So, today I am going to talk about Fears about Failures, that each and every one of us have while we are going to try something new.

  • We Feared that What happen if I had started the new thing and it’s not become successful?
  • What happens if luck is not my our side?
  • What other people think and say about me while I am working on that new thing or trying something new?
  • What happens if I end up wasting a lots of time on this?

So, these are some of the WHATs that you think when you are going to start something new, something special that you love, something you like and you are not doing it because of some of these WHATs which I have stated above.

And the solution to all these WHATs lies in a single word and that word is WHY are you going to do this thing.

Let’s us take all the above questions having What as the most fearing part and try to find out the solution by using simple and smiling WHY.

  1. The fear of failure that comes in our mind that whether I am going to become successful while doing this thing or not vanish the moment you understand Why are you doing this thing, that  Whether you doing it for money?,  or Were you doing it for the other people’s sake?,or Were you doing it for just because someone is doing it so you also have to do it? OR Were you doing it because you love to do it, because you find happiness and peace while doing it, because always wanted to do it. So, Do the things because you wanted to do it and you will be happy doing that and don’t think about whether you become successful or not because when you are doing what you love and it gives you happiness, you are already on the road to success.     a       
  2. You were thinking that whether luck is on your side or not while doing this thing.Let me tell you one thing that when you choose to start a new thing it might be the case that you didn’t get it the first time and also the second time and also maybe in the third tries and now with only these three attempts we all think that we are not lucky enough to get the thing but we should quit tying this thing  and the moment you think of quitting, you will never get it. And if Edison would have same mentality about luck and quit when he failed several times, he would have never been invented the Light Bulb because he has tasted failure not less than 10,000 times and then only he would be able to invent a light bulb. So, don’t let your mind think about these superstitious things like LUCK because LUCK can be overpowered by two things that is PRACTICE and your love and interest for that thing.                           thomas-edison-quotes-0-600x3381
  3. The fear of society and people around us force us to make some unbelievable and some of the worst decisions we take for ourselves.  We all have thinks more about the people around us rather than take time to think about our well-being. People will always have something to say about everything related to us, they won’t stop giving your unwanted advice but you can choose what to listen and what not to and don’t let anybody manipulate you while you were trying to the thing. Most of the people were afraid of the new things and that is why they also don’t want to try them and also criticize the one who is trying something new. So, Listen to your heart and don’t let anybody manipulate your inner voice.

    You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.     – Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) American writer.

  4. Time waits for no one and the truth is no one in this world can control it, but we can manage it. We had spent all our childhood in school mugging books so that we got good grades, spend all our college days studying to secure our future and once we get a decent job we want to settle with a beautiful wife and children and we had spent our whole life living for others, listening to others and at the end we apologize when these beautiful moments of life were gone and we were saying that I wish if I had done this thing or that thing in my college days or school days. So, live a life doing things that makes you happy and gives you peace and when you got these two things while doing something you don’t have to worry about the time because you have already created a beautiful storage o f memories that will embrace your life with happiness today and in later years.                                                                                     b3f3dcc85badb0954fe7a2f1af52a1d7

So, these are some of the quick solutions to your questions that comes up in your mind when you want to start a new project,  trying for a new and different thing.


And at last I would like to say only thing that is Listen to your heart and do what you love and in which you have interest. Because wherever there is interest and love towards the work, there is Creativity.

Thank you and

Be Creative… Be Alive…



I am just a regular guy who goes to college, plays games, watch movies and do anything such as drawing, free writing, sketching and much more in my leisure time.

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