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My first Blog Post

This is my first post for this blog and can’t start writing this post without mentioning the things or I should have said the two little sisters from where I have got the inspiration to start this blog.

One day I was at my cousin’s place just laying down on the couch and staring at the Gorilla glass of my smartphone. I was feeling bored and some heaviness in my head by staring at this heavy glass.I was playing or texting or just doing just anything on my phone and then there came two little girls one around 6 years old and the other around 8, with a something in their hands. I didn’t recognize those girls as I am seeing them for the first time. Then my cousin sister told me about those girls that those two girls were the relatives of hers and lives nearby and whenever they create something or I would say anything, both of them came to my cousin’s place and shows it to her. And now I understand what was in the hands of those girls. Below I am sharing the images of the most beautiful thing I had ever seen that has created by two little girls and suddenly all my headache and heaviness was gone and I was excited and immersed deeply in what these girls have created.

Yes, these are the images of the creation of those two girls.

As you can see these are the 3d model of a classroom where a teacher is trying to teach something to the students. I was very much shocked and feel excited by seeing the fine details that has been put in the model like the teacher is having a stick and even a book in her hands and on the desks of the students there is a book lying and there is even written something in those books. All students were having different hairstyles, different clothes and all of them were sitting just as they were listening attentively to the teacher. I like it!!!!

And then I can’t resist my self to ask how they have created these characters and then the elder one told told me everything about how first they have created everything on their drawing ¬†book, color them and then after cutting the characters and all desks and blackboard, stick them the board in a very good manner that looks very attractive.

Some of you might have have been thinking about how this little creation leads me the creation of an entire blog related to creativity? and I would give you the answer that small Creation like these will lead to Innovation someday and when that happen it will have the power to change the world.

So, this Blog is all about Creativity and Creative ideas. Here you will find the creation of a small girl and even the creation of 65 year old grandfather, creation of a shopkeeper and even the creation of a Businessman. Find Happiness in small things around you and you will get real happiness when you start doing things that you love or like, that you always wanted to do in your life but couldn’t do because of some reasons like not having enough time to draw, or write a story or anything you like or you had done in your childhood.

So, I recommend all my readers to manage time so that you will get time to do what you like and love because it not only gives happiness to your inner self but also gives happiness to the peoples around you and I have learnt this lesson from those little sisters and then after creating anything share with us and let the whole world see it.It might give inspiration to someone you don’t know.

At last I would like to say only one thing that….. BE CREATIVE…… BE ALIVE……..

Thank you


I am just a regular guy who goes to college, plays games, watch movies and do anything such as drawing, free writing, sketching and much more in my leisure time.

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